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Archivi Autore: Cristina Stefanelli

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange: more opportunities open for EU-MED collaboration

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project is offering a number of opportunities to Higher Education students and professors from Europe and the South Mediterranean. One of these is the creation of Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects, that are small-scale, project-based Virtual Exchanges jointly developed by university ...

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Il progetto Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange e’ pienamente operativo

10 luglio 2018 Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange è un progetto innovativo che consente ai giovani in Europa e nel sud del Mediterraneo di partecipare in esperienze interculturali online, come parte della loro educazione formale o non formale. Attraverso diverse attività, le università possono ...

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Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is part of the Erasmus+ programme, providing an accessible, ground-breaking way for young people to engage in intercultural learning. Working with Youth Organisations and Universities, the project is open to any young person aged 18-30 residing in ...

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