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EDIPUS – Pilot workshop on Digital Portfolio Platform

In the framework of Eramus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership EDIPUS Project, almost 30 students coming from Sapienza University of Rome, University of International Studies of Rome – UNINT, Bari University, University of Perugia, Roma Tre University and Tuscia University participated in the Pilot Workshop held on March 21, 22 and 24 at UNIMED premises in Rome.

The aim of the EDIPUS Pilot Workshop was to present the Digital Portfolio Platform to the potential users and to give them the opportunity to starting structuring their own portfolio, while carefully followed by the EDIPUS trainer. Participants contributed also with their interesting feedback to the improvement of the structure of the portfolio.

On 30 April, all the portofolios charged on the Platform will be evaluated for a competition which will reward the first three portfolios considered the best for their creativity.

Here you will find further information about the competition.

To find out more about EDIPUS Project, visit EDIPUS Project official website