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SubNetwork eLearning and Open Education

UNIMED has just launched the SubNetwork on eLearning and Open Education. Building on recent projects in this field such as OpenMed, UNIMED proposes the creation of a SubNetwork on eLearning and Open Education, with the aim to contribute to ongoing online learning developments, and to support our members in their efforts to further enhance and promote innovation in teaching and learning.

The SubNetwork will engage with university departments, academics, researchers, librarians, practitioners and learning technologists, primarily related to the following areas: e-learning infrastructure, e-learning methodology and pedagogy, blended learning, innovation policies and strategies, online learning environments and tools, learning analytics, improvement of learning experience, Open Educational Resources and MOOCs, digital literacy, game-based learning, virtual classrooms and laboratories, virtual exchange.

For further information on this SubNetwork, write to unimed@uni-med.net