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Launch of the State of Mediterranean Forests 2018

(Rome, 7 December 2018) The FAO -Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Plan Bleu -the Regional Activity Center of UN Environment/Mediterranean Action Plan, have recently released a report on the State of Mediterranean Forests 2018.

“The Mediterranean forest area has increased by two percent between 2010 and 2015, resulting in a rise of 1.8 million hectares – about the size of Slovenia”, states the FAO-Plan Bleu report. But they admonish how threats as climate change, population rise, wildfires and water scarcity, are seriously and very negatively affecting the Mediterranean Forest area, which is facing an high level of degradation with all the consequences for the fauna.

The very detailed study beyond the publication gathered important and key figures referred to the current state of forests in an area, which, as reported by Plan Bleu, is “about 88 million hectares – the size of France and Italy and represents two percent of the global forest area”. The many insights refer to 27 countries from both the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean basin, as well as Balkans region and the Middle Eastern countries, offering information ok key relevance.


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