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List of teachers selected [ref. COMMO III]

COMMO III – Cooperation in the Mediterranean through Mobility of students and staff

Project nr. 2017-1-IT02-KA107-036346

Programme Erasmus+ (KA107)

UNIMED is pleased to announce the results of the scholarship offer during the 2018/2019 school year for teachers who will be completing a 12-day mobility period at an Italian University of the COMMO mobility consortium.

This period is finalized at the teaching of 10 hours.

The mobility grants are offered by the COMMO III project, Cooperation in the Mediterranean through Mobility of Students and Staff, project nr. 2017-1-IT02-KA107-036346 funded by the Erasmus + program (KA107).

The successful candidates for the scholarships are listed below.

Incoming teachers (Tunisia – Italy) enrolled in a Tunisian university participating in the mobility partnership:

  1. Emna Jedidi, University of Chartage
  2. Fehmi Boufahja, University of Chartage
  3. Hanene Ben Slama, University of Chartage
  4. Krifa Amira, University of Chartage
  5. Tarek Bouattour, University of Chartage
  6. Belkhir Mariem, University of Sfax
  7. Sghaira Benhmida, University of Sfax
  8. Chafik Aloulou, University of Sfax
  9. Lilia Cheniti, University of Sousse
  10. Sami Khila, University of Sousse

The evaluation was conducted according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • Motivation letter
  • International research and teaching experiences

UNIMED reserves the right to reopen the offer if the aforementioned candidates forego the scholarships.