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Mobility, intercultural dialogue, networks and cooperation: 1st mid-term meeting and training for the partners of the DIRE-MED project in Carthage

The first meeting of the partners of the DIRE-MED project was held on 2 and 3 October at the University of Carthage, Tunisia. UNIMED welcomes the involvement of all the partners, which demonstrates their willingness to take ownership and benefit from the project!

This first meeting made it possible to take stock of the different activities of the project 8 months after the operational launch of the project.

The compendium of good practices in managing international opportunities and mobilities is being finalized. These good practices have been identified through a questionnaire on mobility provided by the 3 target groups (students, academic and non-academic staff) and will be supplemented by new good practices proposed by the partners and interviews with mobility beneficiaries. This compendium will be updated for the duration of the project.

The framework of the cooperation, which seeks to facilitate the exchanges between the partners of DIRE-MED at first and then to be extended to other institutions in the Mediterranean basin, has been discussed in order to better correspond to the expectations and needs of partners. This framework focuses on issues of mobility, internationalization and virtual mobility and seeks to encourage all possible synergies.

The program and timetable for capacity building activities have been established. Following the modular training of Carthage, three training visits, each focusing on one of the target categories, will be organized: in Sétif 2 (02/2018), Paris 1 (07/2018) and Catania (11/2018). The aim of these visits is to transmit tools and methods facilitating mobility management.

Following the partners’ meeting, on 4, 5 and 6 October, it has been carried out a modular training who aim was to transfer the skills and know-how necessary for the effective management of international opportunities and mobility programs, while taking into account the realities of each institution in terms of human resources and available resources.

The content of the training was elaborated on the basis of the needs expressed by the partners through a questionnaire and was therefore organized around the following axes:

1) the management of international relations offices,

(2) the establishment of training and research agreements at international level and

3) the management of mobility and international opportunities.

This training, which combined theoretical and practical aspects, had put the partners in a situation of intercultural dialogue and had made it possible to bring to light a number of tools that can be used now in the different offices of international relations as well as serious avenues for cooperation projects.

Download here the program of the partners meeting.

Download the training program here.