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UNIMED supports the Erasmusx10 Campaign

UNIMED, as a firm believer in making the Erasmus+ Programme as international as possible, has recently given its full support to the Eramusx10 campaign which  has been launched by the Lifelong Learning Platform, European Youth Forum and EURODESK in order to call for a ten time increase of the Erasmus+ budget in the framework of the negotiations around the next generation of EU programmes for 2021-2028. This claim has been echoed by several political leaders including the President of the European Commission who recently called for nine times increase of the Erasmus+ budget.

A X10 increase would send a strong political message to EU citizens by putting at the fore the need to build stronger ties between them and to foster a common European identity. It would also allow more individuals to benefit from a mobility experience, therefore improving their life prospects with higher employability chances and stronger political participation.

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