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Unimed think tank

UNIMED think tank (or Study Centre) is a research and coordination unit for UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union, a network of 93 Universities from 22 Countries of both shores of Mediterranean.

It updates on studies and research on Mediterranean issues conducted by other universities of the network. The UNIMED Study Centre collaborates on  new research projects and it shares with its network the on-going projects carried out by any UNIMED researcher and department interested in sharing their projects or looking for one of the following services:

Recruitment of international collaborators for ongoing or prospective projects;

  1. Completing and enriching existing research teams with external members and competences;
  2. Organizing international conferences and research events at international level;
  3. Fund-raising for international research projects among grants offered by private or public sponsors.

Activities are carried out by a core group of UNIMED academics and analysts, and also by professors and academics of the UNIMED Universities’ network.