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UNIMED’s newly elected President: Prof. Francisco Matte Bon, Rector of UNINT – University of International Studies of Rome

Francisco Matte Bon is the newly elected President of UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union. Since 2015 he is Rector of UNINT, the University of International Studies of Rome, an higher education institute with a global vocation and vision.


(Rome, 29 NOV 2018) During the last UNIMED General Assembly on 25-26 October 2018, Professor Francisco Matte Bon, Rector of the UNINT – University of International Studies of Rome, was elected President for a three-year mandate and Professor Wail Benjelloun, exiting President of UNIMED, welcomed him to continue working on University cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

“UNIMED is a beautiful project and very interesting – affirmed prof. Matte Bon, after his election – and it is also a necessary project in the present world, with barriers and walls arising everywhere. UNIMED can do a lot against this, fostering cooperation among institutions and countries and promoting integration among the mankind”.

Prof. Matte Bon joined the voices of UNIMED representatives calling for the necessity of a greater engagement of Higher Education Institutions in moving from “cooperation to integration in the Mediterranean”. He also acknowledged the great achievements made by the exiting President prof. Wail Benjelloun, the Secretary General prof. Hmaid Ben Aziza and the Director dr. Marcello Scalisi, in making of UNIMED one the most relevant stakeholders in University cooperation in the Mediterranean.

Prof. Matte Bon has a long trajectory in the field of Language and translation studies with a specialization in Spanish language. Graduate of the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle of Paris in Spanish Linguistic “Summa Cum Laude”, Matte Bon has a rich academic experience in various italian universities, Cervantes  Institutes – the official centres of cultural promotion of Spanish language and culture depending from Ministry of Foreign Affairs – and research centres. He was appointed Rector of the UNINT since 2015, a post that he will cover until 2020. The UNINT – University of International Studies of Rome is a private university established in Rome in 1996 and became associate member of UNIMED in 2007. A quite young higher education institution which brings in its name the vision to specialise in the international dimension.

Prof. Matte Bon has been involved in the management and evaluation of many projects, commissions and committees of different type, related with the academic life and particularly in the field of academic research. With over 30 years activity as a Professor he has records of a vast participation in seminars, conferences and courses, taking part in training for universities, masters, PhDs,  and invited to lecture and expose for publishing houses, associations and institutions based in over 18 different countries. Currently the Rector of UNINT is member of a series of associations and research centres, and he has a very rich production connected with his research lines: didactics of languages grammatical analysis from a communication point of view.

The work of Professor Francisco Matte Bon as President of UNIMED in the following years will be supported by prof. Hmaid Ben Aziza – former rector of the University of Tunis, Tunisia – who has been confirmed in the role of Secretary General of UNIMED during the Assembly of 2018 until 2021, and the Director Dr. Marcello Scalisi.