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Future of our past partner meeting and Steering Committee meeting

2015-03-12_104821The second partner meeting of the Future of our past -FOP project was held 2nd and 3rd February in Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy, hosted by CUEBC - Centro Universitario Europeo per i Beni Culturali. All partners of the project gathered in Ravello (in person or by conference call), presented the progress status of the project and discussed main organisational issues.

The FOP project aims at developing an innovative tourism plan model for cultural and environmental heritage. Some selected sites in Italy (Lazio, Basilicata, Campania), Egypt, Spain (Córdoba), Malta (La Valletta), Palestine (Bethlehem), Tunisia and Lebanon (Byblos) will become part of a cross-border network of historical centers in order to mutually strengthen their visibility in the tourism sector. Through the enhancement of these centres, touristic diversification and de-seasonalisation, and the positioning on broader market segments, the concerned local economies will be boosted and further developed.

In addition, a widespread hospitality will also be implemented in Palestine and Egypt in order to stimulate tourism in specific locations with new itineraries including old towns which, despite their value, have never been fully exploited.For further information, please download the leaflet of the project.