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Rabat,May 19-20: Forum “Cooperation in R&D in sustainable urban mobility between EU and MPCs

In the framework of the FP7 project Viajeo Plus funded by the European Commission and lead by ERTICO from Brussels, which foresees benchmarking outstanding solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore and in the Mediterranean Partner Countries, UNIMED is organising a Forum on “Cooperation in R&D in sustainable urban mobility between EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries” that will take place in Muhammad V University in Rabat on 19 and 20 May 2015.

The main objective of the meeting will be to discuss about:

-  Potential topics for EC supported R&D projects in sustainable transport;

- Proposed partnerships for potential projects

- Expected impacts and benefits of cooperation with EC to Mediterranean partner countries

Following the first edition of the MPCs Forum held last year in Istanbul on March 2014, this is indeed the second edition organised by UNIMED as foreseen by the project activities. This would bring together a critical mass of business and governmental organisations, research institutions, and technology transfer centres to develop a proactive, forward-facing forum to tackle key issues facing the Mediterranean region in order to formulate recommendations to the EC in R&D policy on cooperation with Mediterranean Partner Countries and to identify new possibilities if synergies between EU industries and the MPC.

You can download the agenda here.

Here you can find the presentations of the speakers at the Forum of May 19:

Dr. Marcello SCALISI, UNIMED Executive Director “Objectives of Forum”

Lemghari ESSAKL, President and General Director of STRS (Société du Tramway de Rabat Salé) and Loubna BOUTALEB, General Director delegate of STRS (Société du Tramway de Rabat Salé) “General overview of Rabat-Salé Tramway : history, exploitation and foreseen extensions “

Prof. Omar DRISS-KAITOUNI, Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs (EMI) Rabat “Studies, researches and development on urban mobility and transports at EMI “

Mr. Hassan NOUHA – General Director Staréo Maroc “Regulation of urban transport: pricing and financing “

Dr. Slimane MEHDAD, Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training “Research on urban mobility in Morocco “

Prof. Tina HABIB, USEK Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon “Transport Development in Lebanon; The Road to Change”.

Prof. Iman Mohammed Wafei RAMADAN, Arab Academy of Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt “Towards Achieving Sustainable Urban Mobility in Egypt: An Integrated Transport Approach”

Prof. Khaled AL-SAHILI, An-Najah University of Nablus, Palestine “The Palestinian Perspective on the Cooperation in R&D in Sustainable Urban Mobility “

Prof. Slimane HIMOURI, University Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem, Algeria “What strategy, diagnosis, issues on mobility: A case-study of Mostaganem city “

Prof. Hend SELMI, High Institute of Transport and Logistic, Sousse University, Tunisia “The Collective Transport in the Grand Tunis : Findings, Diagnosis and Recommendations “

Ms. F. Betül GÜNEY AKBIYIK, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey “More for future: Istanbul case “

Ms. Mona KAMEL, Head of the Environmental Quality Sector, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Egypt “Introduction to Electric Bus Technology in Egypt “

Ms. Dounia GOURRAM, UITP Manager for North Africa “Présentation de l’Union Internationale des Transports Publics et enjeux du bureau régional « Afrique du Nord »

Ms. Fouzia GHAITI,Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs Rabat, Morocco “Mobility analysis of the population of Rabat and Salé “

Fabio PINTON (Chief Operating Officer Engineering and Systems, THETIS) “ITS in the Smart Mobility age: new industrial scenario for action”