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Thank you for your thoughts in memory of Franco Rizzi

The passing away of UNIMED Founding Secretary General Franco Rizzi has deeply affected all of us who worked by his side.

The hundreds of condolence and comfort messages we received from all of you helped us, and bore witness to the extent of your appreciation for Franco Rizzi’s work and tireless actions in favor of constructive dialog around the Mediterranean. With your continued commitment and support we will strive to further Franco’s ideal of peace, tolerance, respect for cultural diversity and alleviation of hardship.

Thanks to the important work that has been done over the years, UNIMED has become an influential institution whose work is dedicated to its members and to the academic community of the Mediterranean. We will continue to build our organization and to serve our membership in the most effective way possible.

As a tribute to our dear friend Franco, we will continue to work towards his Mediterranean ideal, an ideal we shared and to which we are all committed.

We do hope we can count on your continued support as we go forward.