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This year marks the 30th Anniversary of UNIMED.

Founded in 1991, UNIMED counts today 138 Universities coming from 23 countries on both shores of the Mediterranean.

In the words of his founder, Prof. Franco Rizzi, “what better represents UNIMED is a university without walls”.

To date 138 universities are part of our network and this is a great success for us, 138 universities have chosen to work together, reinforcing the cooperation and the dialogue among us and within the Mediterranean region.

It is a great honor to be part of this collaboration and be enriched by the contributions of all our members and the other actors we cooperate with in the Mediterranean region.

The celebration of this anniversary will be carried out all year long, within the activities and events we organise and in which we can count on the participation and the contribution of all UNIMED Members and friends.


If you want to dedicate a spot on your website, as a member of UNIMED and about this celebration you can use the logo of the celebration (available here)  and always mention it in your social channels by using this hashtag #30YearsUNIMED 

You can also use the specific templates for your posts in social media channels available here below.

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