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Appello per la Convocazione di una Nuova Conferenza Ministeriale Euromediterranea sull’Istruzione Superiore e la Ricerca Scientifica

Call for the Convening of a New Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Higher Education and Scientific Research (2)

UNIMED, with its associated universities and partners, launches the convocation of a new Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on higher education and scientific research.

The last Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on this issue was organized in 2007 in Cairo, Egypt. Fifteen years have passed but the need to focus on these aspects is now more important than ever. Higher education institutions have been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic and global unrest in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and staff and students are suffering the consequences. In view of the achievements and challenges in the region, it is essential to make new commitments to protect and further develop education, research and innovation, thus contributing to the development of human capital in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

We invite you to subscribe to the call and join our appeal.

The complete call is available here in Italian, here in English, here in French, and here in Arabic.

Sostieni l’appello

List of current endorsements:

  • Adriatic Ionian Euroregion
  • Aix Marseille Université
  • Al-Fanar Media
  • Al-Quds Open University
  • Aleksander Moisiu University Durres
  • Università degli studi di Cagliari
  • An Najah National University
  • Anwar Kawtharani
  • Bogazici University
  • CUEIM – University Consortium for Industrial and Managerial Economics
  • DonneDiMare
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • Erasmus Student Network Granada (ESN Granada)
  • Erasmus Student Network Italia
  • Erasmus Student Network Spain (ESN Spain)
  • ESN Barcelona UB
  • ESN Portugal
  • Groupe interacadémique pour le Développement
  • Higher Institution of Industrial Management of Sfax
  • International Telematic University UNINETTUNO
  • Lebanese Association for Inter-university Cooperation
  • Libyan International Medical University
  • Mohammed V University
  • National Research Centre
  • Office of the Lebanese PM
  • Polytechnic of Porto – School of Engineering
  • Senghor University
  • TAPRI, Tampere Peace Research Institute, Tampere University
  • Universidade de Évora
  • Università del Salento
  • Università della Tuscia, Viterbo (Italy)
  • Università Telematica degli Studi IUL
  • Universitá Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO
  • Universitat de Girona
  • Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne
  • University of Cyprus
  • University of Granada
  • University of Pavia
  • University of Sassari – Italy
  • University of Sousse
  • University of Teramo
  • University of Tripoli
  • University of Zawia
  • University Paris-Saclay
  • Water and Environmental Studies Institute – An-Najah National University
  • Women for Africa Foundation
  • Yarmouk University
  • Zarqa university
  • Universitat de Girona

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