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Aqua Film Festival 2021: shoot your mini short film on holiday!

Water is one of the essential elements required to ensure everyone the right to “a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family”.

Article 25 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Due to the restriction measures applied following the sanitary emergency, the fifth edition of Aqua Film Festival is postponed to March 26th to 27th, 2021.

The fifth edition of Aqua Film Festival,  the first Film Festival devoted to WATER, aims at representing, through cinema and documentaries, as well as online distribution, the extraordinary world of water, by exploring its different values and uses, to discover new cinema talents and to promote the rebirth of short films.

Aqua Film Festival invites holiday people to shoot on their smartphone a “mini short film for the SUMMER/FALL 2020 showcase” (Max 3 minutes running time). The best short films will be selected and published on YouTube, at the following link: https://www.aquafilmfestival.org/fratello-mare, and will then be presented at the Festival.

The films screened at the International Film Competition will give us the opportunity to show, through the lens of audiovisual, the care for the places we visit, to remind us the importance of preserving our health, which is closely connected to the health of the environment and of our primary element: WATER.

BROTHER SEA, FRIEND RIVER, DEAR LAKE is organized by the volunteers of the non-profit Cultural Association UNIVERSI AQUA, for charitable purposes, and it is open to short reportages, shot by smartphone, denouncing harmful effects of human activities, which cause pollution of sea, rivers or lakes.

More information on the Festival are available at the official page of the contest or writing to aff@aquafilmfestival.org

The patronage of UNIMED to this event, connected to the relevance of this delicate issue in the region where we operate, is a sign of commitment and a little contribution towards the broader sustainable development promotion in the Mediterranean that we pursue.