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Mobility and Intercultural dialogue on air!

In the framework of UNIMED SubNetwork Mobility and intercultural dialogue, a series of webinars has been organized, as a weekly appointment, from the 2nd to the 23 th of April. Around 35/40 participants from the Universities of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, ...

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SAGESSE project: state of the art and next challenges

The project SAGESSE – Improving Governance in the Higher Education System in Tunisia - aims to modernize the higher education system in Tunisia by strengthening its quality assurance system, governance mechanisms and results-based funding. Despite the current health emergence which affects all ...

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ESAGOV project: state of the art and current activities

The ESAGOV project aims to improve and strengthen quality assurance at Algerian universities by supporting them in defining their institution and strategic plan. The project intends to act at these different levels, while building on the achievements and experiences of ...

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The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange launches two new courses

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is launching 2 new Interactive Open Online Courses providing youth with the opportunity to learn both with and from their peers across cultural contexts and national boundaries in facilitated online meetings alongside relevant skill-building activities and dynamic content ...

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Global 24-hour Digital Marathon: Food for Earth on April 22nd, 2020

The Future Food Institute and FAO elearning Academy organise the Global 24-hour Digital Marathon: Food for Earth to bring together bright minds and best practices on sustainable food systems for regenerating the Planet, on 22 April 2020. This knowledge sharing experience, fully aligned with the UN ...

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Messaggio per i membri e gli amici di UNIMED

Cari soci, Cari amici, Indubbiamente siamo tutti di fronte ad una situazione nuova, causata dalla pandemia del Coronavirus che sta imperversando in tutto il mondo. È anche un periodo difficile con potenziali rischi, le cui conseguenze non possono essere valutate ...

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