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Innovation and Entrepreneurship conference 2021 (IEC 2021)

The Association of Arab Universities and the Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in North Africa and the Near East strive to host the first international conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with its motto set as “Gearing up for the 4th Industrial Revolution”. The ...

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Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange’s new Impact Analysis for 2019

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange’s Impact Report 2019 has been recently published with the aim to evaluate the impact of EVE on participants and the effectiveness of the different models of Virtual Exchange in meeting the objectives set by the European ...

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Next UNIMED General Assembly in 2021

Due to the impossibility to predict the evolution of the outbreak and the consequent restrictions, UNIMED decided that the current conditions are no favourable for the UNIMED General Assembly to take place as planned in October 2020 at the University ...

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