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Handbook for the professionalization of administrative staff: a product of PRIDE Project

In the framework of the LLP PRIDE project, funded by the European Commission (Lifelong Learning Programme), led by University of Vienna and where UNIMED is partner, the  Handbook for the professionalization of administrative staff  has been produced during the life of the project which has just ended on September 30, 2016
The handbook, that has been presented on 8-9 September 2016 at the Humboldt Graduate School in Berlin during the PRIDE Final Conference, includes a number of good practices, a set of hands-on tools and guiding principles to foster professional development at universities.
Doctoral education has been undergoing a dramatic change in the last decade in Europe. However, whereas the need for targeted investments in the personal and professional development of PhD candidates, support structures such as doctoral schools, and higher quality of scientific supervision are widely accepted, a proper investment in the professional development of administrative staff needed to support the overall endeavor is rather neglected. Therefore the Project Handbook aims at elaborating an alternative approach to administration in the area of doctoral education. This handbook should become a valuable source of information for university leadership, middle-managers as well as administrators who want to enhance their competences.
You can download the Project Handbook for your knowledge here and you can share and disseminate this link with your colleagues at your departments in the university:
For further information on the PRIDE project you can visit the website: http://www.pride-project.eu/Home