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About Us

UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union, founded in October 1991 by Prof. Franco Rizzi, is an association of Universities from the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

It counts 149 Universities coming from 24 countries of both shores of Mediterranean (data updated to June 2022).

UNIMED acts in different scientific fields and its aim is to develop research and education in the Euro-Mediterranean area in order to contribute to scientific, cultural, social and economic cooperation.

The image that better represents our association is that of a University Without Walls.

UNIMED carries out the following activities in favour of the associated Universities:

• Promoting the international dimension of universities;
Planning and fund-raising activities;
Promoting mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean region, for students, researchers and academic staff;
• Technical assistance for the enhancement of quality assurance in university education;
• Creating thematic SubNetworks to foster the scientific cooperation within specific fields;
• Organising meetings, discussions, seminars and round tables both at a national and international level;
• Training academic and administrative staff of Universities, particularly for the staff of International Relations Offices.

Through the many initiatives carried out over the two decades, UNIMED has promoted the collaboration between universities of the Mediterranean, becoming a point of reference of the international university cooperation.


During the last few years, UNIMED has also supported the establishment of a second-level network, constituted by SubNetworks focused on specific sectors. The SubNetworks intend to create a database of research centers, university departments, ongoing projects and research line, including existing partnership in the selected fields. The SubNetworks structure allows an intensive exchange of information among the participating actors of the two Mediterranean shores for the creation of partnerships, collaborations and projects. The aim of these projects is to strengthen the economic and social cohesion, in order to promote, on the one side, cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation and, on the other side, local sustainable development.
Through the SubNetworks activities it is possible to increase the cooperation among the Euro-Mediterranean universities, to promote the development and harmonization of the educational systems in order to encourage, among others, the Bologna Process.

In order to discover the SubNetworks on which UNIMED is concentrating its efforts please click here.


UNIMED has been developing and carrying on partnerships and cooperation agreements with several important institutions, associations and actors of the Mediterranean area and beyond. The full list of partnerships and collaborations is available here.


UNIMED headquarters are in Rome, in Palazzo Baleani. We have also other  branchesin Palestine, at the National University “An-Najah” of Nablus, in Morocco at Mohammed V University of Rabat, in Portugal at the University of Evora and in France at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.