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Benefits for people: Skills & Qualification – Share your success story with us!

(Rome, 12 March 2019) Under the umbrella of the cooperation agreement of UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union with the ETF- European Training Foundation, we share an initiative that has been recently launched. The ETF is collecting practical experiences, with many examples to inspire people and tools for them to use, that will be showcased in the publication on “Skills and qualifications – benefits for people”.

Are you a learner, a teacher, a practical trainer, a school principal, an expert, an entrepreneur, a guidance officer involved in career guidance, education and training, skills development?

Are you working with job seekers in an employment or recruitment agency?

Do you have experience with staff training or with staff skills assessment in a company?

Do you use technology to support learning?

Do you have a story to tell about how developing skills and gaining qualifications benefit people?

Do you have ideas about what works in:

  • Helping young people get a foothold in the labour market, or move on to further education and training;
  • Helping people acquire hands-on skills in the workplace;
  • Promoting mobility of learners and teachers;
  • Supporting marginalised or vulnerable people integrate in work and society through skills and qualifications;
  • Helping people take a new career path later in life;
  • Upskilling and reskilling workers in your business;
  • Identifying and assessing skills and experience for people’s career development or further education and training
  • Using audio-visual or digital technology to support learning in the classroom, in the workplace or at home;
  • Revamping an old VET programme and make it super attractive.
  • Any other things that work that we haven’t even thought about.

Your examples of what works will be showcased in a the European Training Foundation publication “Skills and qualifications – benefits for people”). The publication will focus on practical experience, with many examples to inspire people and tools for them to use.

What is ETF looking for?

ETF want to showcase examples of tried and tested methods as well as new / innovative approaches to different aspects of skills development and acquisition of qualifications. They are also interested in local initiatives. Please see here the full list of topics relevant for this call.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has an interesting story to submit it.

What is in it for you?

  • All the stories meeting some basic criteria will be used in our new publication ‘Skills and qualifications – benefits for people’, mentioning your name and organisation, or in other ETF publications and products.
  • The most interesting stories will be picked to make ETF short films. Some of them will be shown at the ETF conference in 2019 (date to be confirmed). And we will share these films and promote them on our social media channels.
  • A number of applicants will be invited to speak or participate in the 2019 ETF conference.

How to apply?

Applying is easy. Complete the online application form in English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish and submit.

Look here for more information about the topics we are looking for.

Click here to read the Data Protection Disclaimer to know how your Personal Data will be treated.

Need help?

Contact us: SuccessStories@etf.europa.eu 

Background information about the new ETF publication:

The new publication is about benefits of skills and qualifications. Those who are most interested in qualifications and skills are learners and employers.

Learners are the youngsters and the adults in formal and non-formal education and training, or engaged in all kinds of formal and informal skills development activities. Skill and qualifications (should) help them in their personal and professional development, their employability and inclusion in the society and their mobility.

Employers represent the business world, with a focus on small and medium size enterprises. A skilled and qualified workforce (should) help their business to be more competitive and innovative, to anticipate change and to innovate.

The publication has a special emphasis on what we call ‘intermediates’, people who are active at the practitioner’s level and are close to learners and employers. They are the teachers, company trainers, people active in career guidance and recruitment.

The publication will address a broad range of topics such as career guidance, recruitment, job portals, new ways of learning, innovative pedagogies and informal skills development.

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