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SubNetwork on Mediterranean Tourism

* The presentation of the SubNetwork on Mediterranean Tourism is also available in PDF for download. The tourism sector is amongst the highest income generators in the Mediterranean. Leisure related activities make tourism a leading economic sector in terms of gross ...

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Intangible Cultural Heritage

The sub-network Intangible Cultural Heritage has the purpose of gathering information and establishing partnerships among the main institutions dealing with intangible cultural heritage in the Euro-Mediterranean region: university departments, study and research centres, cultural associations, festivals, local entities, researchers and ...

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SubNetwork on Renewable Energy and Environment

Energy cooperation between the European Union and the Mediterranean partner countries has been developed in the framework of the Barcelona Process with the aim of creating a fully integrated and interconnected Euromed energy market. The expansion and deployment of renewable ...

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SubNetwork Transports and Logistics

  *The presentation of the SubNetwork on Transports and Logistics is also available in PDF for download.   The SubNetwork on Transports and Logistics was created by UNIMED in 2007. This SubNetwork gathers researchers and experts of UNIMED members, from both shores ...

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