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“Food relations” a project for the integration


How many possible ways of integration do you know?

What about food? Food is not just a human need, but also a fundamental occasion for exchanges and meetings among individuals, cultures and traditions.

Across Europe, the number of food-related integration practices is growing, aiming at building sustainable processes of dialogue and mutual knowledge, creating relationships and opportunities for social and economic inclusion. Urban and suburban community gardens, restaurants, catering services, new forms of social agriculture are developing as places of exchanging, understanding and building new relationships among people and cultures.

The Project «Food Relations» (promoted by ACRA (IT), ABD-ONG (ES), Agronauten (DE), Agroecopolis (GR), Kamba (IT), Consorzio SIS (IT) and co-funded by the European Union – AMIF Fund) aims at strengthening the spaces for social participation, intercultural communication and the integration of migrants in Europe, through the development and the sharing of experiences that value food as a tool for dialogue and inclusion.

Have a look at the documentary produced on the project experience and told by the project’s actors.

Discover more on this project, download the presentation available here.