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FP7 Viajeo Plus project involves MPC: fill in the questionnaire!

UNIMED is participating to a FP7 project named Viajeo PLUS: Implementing innovative and green urban transport solutions in Europe and beyond leaded by Ertico in Brussels.

The project aims at benchmarking outstanding solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore and subsequently facilitate the uptake of these solutions across different cities in these regions, and in Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs). Viajeo Plus organises interactive showcases, meetings and workshops to allow stakeholders to gain first-hand experience of innovative solutions, exchange knowledge and information. The project also develops recommendations to the EC for future collaboration among cities and for cooperative research initiatives, providing recommendations for the development of future cooperation with MPCs that will implement the VIAJEO PLUS methodology. 

UNIMED needs your cooperation to draft a comprehensive report on the current situation as well as the trends for each of the Mediterranean region. The focus of this report will be a complementary view on best practice and solutions highlighting the R&D and policy frameworks.

A particular section will be dedicated to priority identification and gap assessment in MPCs, building upon existing work carried out in identifying the research and innovation capacity of the MPC region (e.g. transport research capacity and capabilities assessment of Mediterranean countries carried out by the EUTRAIN, Trans-Africa projects). Fill in the questionnaire and send it back to unimed@uni-med.net  within November 29th.

In the framework of this project UNIMED and Ertico will organize a forum an Istanbul in 2014 and in 2015 and a representative of the Universities who have sent accurate information will be invited to participate in the event. For further information on Viajeo Plus project click here 

Download the questionnaire