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International project on virtual mobility in Jordan launched in Dresden

UNIMED, together with partners from Jordan, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Germany, participated to the kick-off meeting of the project “Jordan Opportunity for Virtual Innovative Teaching and Learning” (JOVITAL) on February 26-27, 2018, hosted by TU Dresden. The meeting has been chaired by Prof. Dr. Eric Schoop und Dr. Wissam Tawileh of the WIIM chair of TU Dresden.


JOVITAL is an international project aimed at transfer and build capacity building in the area of ​​learner-centered pedagogies, e-learning and virtual mobility. It aims to improve teaching methods and learning outcomes at Jordanian partner universities, where predominantly obsolete methods of teaching at the front predominate.

Representatives of Coventry University (GB), the International School for Social and Business Studies (SVN), the Mediterranean Universities Union (IT), the Princess Sumaya University of Technology (JOR) and the German Jordanian University (JOR) were among the guests. and the Tafila Technical University (JOR).

Along the meeting, partners exchanged their own experiences and competences, and project-related goals, methods and activities were discussed. The result is a detailed project plan which includes a set of observation visits by the Jordanian partners at European universities, and field research of the European partners at Jordanian universities, as well as two summer schools at the TU Dresden planned for September 2019 and September 2020. Along the project, experts will provide training on learner-centered teaching and learning methods and support ways to use e-learning in various locations in Jordan.