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“When You Can’t Go Back”: UNIMED support to the documentary film production

The documentary film “Quando non puoi tornare indietro (“When You Can’t Go Back”), by the Italian filmaker and producer Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso, tells the story of Obaida, a talented student of Electronic Engineering from Aleppo that has to abandon his family and his city, Aleppo, because of the war.

Life shows new paths to this passionate Syrian young man: a scholarship allows him to finish his studies in Rome with the highest marks while a CD sent by chance to the talent show “The Voice” allows him to sing on TV.
Far from his family and relying only on himself, Obaida manages to turn obstacles into opportunities of success.

Quando non puoi tornare indietro from Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso on Vimeo.

With his extraordinary story and his courageous example, Obaida offers a different perspective on Syria in its war years, allowing us to learn the Syrian culture regardless of the tragic state it is currently in. Through a short story, this film finds a new way of recounting the war, showing how the Syrian people react to the forced migration they are subjected to and triggering a reflection on war, equality and borders.

The last phases of post-production are underway and the release of “Quando non puoi tornare indietro” is scheduled for the end of 2019.

The film is supported by UNIMED and under the patronage of Roma Lazio Film Commission, University La Sapienza, Amnesty International, OIM, UNHCR.