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Members – SubNetwork eLearning and Open Education

The UNIMED SubNetwork on  eLearning and Open Education groups 36 Universities from 17 countries.

The full list is available below, or in PDF for download.

ALBANIA European University of Tirana Agim Kasaj, IT Director
ALGERIA Mohamed Lamine Debaghine, Sétif 2 University Naouel Abdellatif Mami, Vice Rector in charge of the external relations
ALGERIA Université frères Mentouri Constantine1 Ahmed Belhani, Senior lecturer/elearning center manager
ALGERIA Université Larbi Ben M’Hidi d’Oum El Bouaghi Ikram Aya Bentounsi, Lecturer in English, Faculty of languages
CYPRUS University of Cyprus, Research Laboratory SEIT Lab Charoula Angeli
George A. Papadopoulos
FRANCE University of Rouen Matthieu Fournier, Director of Geosciences and Environment department
IRAQ Duhok polytechnic University Anas Abid Mattie, Director of Mechanic Department
Anas Haydaw, Head of Mechanical Department
JORDAN German Jordanian University Mohammad Daoud, Associate Professor
JORDAN Princess Sumaya University for Technology, e-Learning Center Adiy Tweissi, Director of e-Learning Center
JORDAN University of Jordan Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh, Vice President for Humanities
ITALY Università del Salento Angela Mercuri, Head of Permanent Learning Service
Salvatore Colazzo, Professor Experimental Pedagogy
Paolo Cucurachi,  Full Professor
ITALY Ca’ Foscari University of Venice Pia Masiero, Delegate for eLearning
ITALY Università di Teramo Paola Pittia, Professor
ITALY Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO Bernardino M. Chiaia, Dean of the Engineering Faculty
ITALY University of Sassari Luciano Gutierrez, Associate Professor
ITALY University of Messina Antonino Germanà, Professor
ITALY Università Telematica Pegaso Parizia Consalvo, Professor
LEBANON Holy Spirit University of Kaslil Faten El Hage, Deputy President for Teaching and Learning
LIBYA University of Tripoli Abdulsalam Ammarah, Director International Cooperation Office
LIBYA Sabratha Universty Abdulwadod A. Shilleeg, IT Unit Director, International Cooperation Office
LIBYA Sirte University Jibriel Abusaleem, Lecturer
MOROCCO University Mohammed V of Rabat, E-learning Center Naoual Chaouni Benabdellah, Doctor in computer Science/ expert in e-learning/Pedagogical engineer
Jalal Dafa, Instructional Designer
MOROCCO Université Ibn Zohr, Centre d’Innovation Pédagogique Ahmed Almakari, Manager of the Centre of Pedagocical Innovation
MOROCCO Cadi Ayyad University, Centre of Innovation and Open Education Khalid Berrada, Director of CIP (Professor)
OMAN Middle East College Shyamala Srinivas, Head Centre for Academic Practices
PALESTINE Birzeit University Ahmad Aljanazrah, Dean Faculty of Education
PALESTINE Islamic University of Gaza Mohammed Alhanjouri, Dean of Quality and Development
PALESTINE Al-Najah National University Maher Natsheh, Acting President
PALESTINE Palestine Technical University Khalid Khanfar, Head of E-learning Center
PORTUGAL Universidade de Évora António Candeias, Director
SPAIN University of Granada Ignacio J. Blanco, Director of the Resource Production Centre for the Digital University CEPRUD
SPAIN Universidad de Sevilla, Laboratorio de Redes Personales y Comunidades Isidro Maya Jariego, Principal Researcher of the LRPC (HUM-059)
SYRIA Arab International UniversityResearch Support and Training Center Sulaiman Mouselli, International Relations Director
TUNISIA University of Sousse Sana El Harbi, Professor
TUNISIA Université de Tunis El Manar, E-Learning Department Hamdi Olfa, Head of the E-Learning Department
UNITED KINGDOM Coventry University Katherine Wimpenny, Theme Lead: Intercultural Engagement and Global Education