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Open Education Day Morocco 2018 at Cadi Ayyad University

The OpenMed project participated in the Open Education Day, held at Cadi Ayyad University to celebrate open educational projects and initiatives and to promote the creation and adoption of Open Educational Resources and Open Courses.

One of the key objectives of this forum was to present the Open Education platform of the Centre for Open Education of Cadi Ayyad University, which has been designed to support not only the creation or reuse of Open Educational Resources but to support the University to enhance their teaching, as it aims at promoting innovation at international level, from providing certified professional development courses in a wide range of subjects, to support pedagogical innovation, including blended and flipped learning, innovative assessment and feedback models and academic development. Also this platform acts as platform to provide online teaching such as blended online courses for undergrad and postgrad levels and MOOCs providing online labs, simulation tools and access to mobile learning resources. The forum also aimed at sharing good practices on Open Education.

To find out more about the forum and its agenda please visit the OpenMed website.