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OpenMed Celebrates the Open Education Week

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

hrs 12.00 pm CEST, hrs 10.00 am GMT

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Webinar: Towards a Regional OER Agenda for South Mediterranean Universities

Link to the videoconference

This webinar aims at presenting and discussing the OER Regional Agenda for South Mediterranean Universities, developed by the OpenMed project with the support of the European Union. The regional OER Agenda is a long-term plan presenting challenges and priorities for opening up Higher Education in the South-Mediterranean region, outlining possible strategic actions aimed at maximising the benefits of Open Education Practices and Open Education Resources (OER) for university course development, thus facilitating equity, access to, and democratisation of Higher Education. The Agenda is being discussed in four “OER National Strategy Forums” in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Palestine with educators, managers and decision makers from Higher Education institutions , as well as through an online platform, and aims to become the starting point for the development of policies at an institutional level.

Who should attend: Higher Education managers, educators and practitioners, OER enthusiasts of any nationality

How to Participate: Participants can freely join using the link to the videoconference.

Feel free to send an email to info@openmedproject.eu to let us know that you will participate or to ask for further information! Participants will be given the chance to ask questions at the end of the webinar. On social media we will be using the hashtag #openmed, feel free to say hello, share comments and tweet on OEW2017!

What is the Open Education Week?

Open Education Week’s goal is to raise awareness about free and open educational opportunities that exist for everyone, everywhere, right now.  The scope is to highlight how open education can help people meet their goals in education, whether that’s to develop skills and knowledge for work, supporting formal studies, learning something new for personal interest, or looking for additional teaching resources.

The Open Education Week is coordinated by the Open Education Consortium and it is organised on a global scale.Universities, colleges, schools and organizations from all over the world have come together to showcase what they’re doing to make education more open, free, and available to everyone. Learn more about Open Education, check the full list of Open Education Week events and activities and browse project and resources.

Looking forward to a successful Open Education Week!