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OpenMed Strategy Forum in Palestine

The OpenMed project “Opening up education in South Mediterranean Countries”, is fostering a multi-stakeholder regional debate in the Mediterranean region about what are the best strategies to embed Open Educational Resources and Practices in universities.

This debate involve Higher Education managers, decision-makers, educators and other members of staff (e.g. university librarians, technical IT staff) from universities in the South-Mediterranean countries as well as policy makers and it revolves around the OpenMed OER Regional Agenda for the South-Mediterranean.

The OER Regional Agenda has been debated in the three National Strategy forums conducted so far, organised in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and will be discussed in a fourth upcoming forum in Palestine, taking into account the specific needs and insights of the academic communities of these countries.

The National Strategy Forum in Palestine takes place on April 20, hosted by Birzeit University. The programme can be consulted at the following URL:


The OER Regional Agenda is also comment-able online.


Feel free to share your comments, or send an email to info@openmedproject.eu. On social media we will be using the hashtag twitter-logo #openmed feel free to join the conversation there as well.