UNIMED - Mediterranean Universities Union

COMMO, Cooperation in the Mediterranean and Western Balkan through Mobility of Students and Staff

COMMO is a project mobility financed by European Commission under the Erasmus+ KA107 programme, and it aims at setting up a consortium consisting of Italian Universities led by UNIMED stipulating bilateral agreements with Balkans (1st edition) and Tunisian Universities (2nd and 3rd editions).

It targets both students and staff of partner institutions of the Balkan region (Albania and Montenegro) and Tunisia;

The specific objectives that the consortium aims to meet are as follows:

  • Contributing to the improvement of the international dimension of higher education and training, in particular through cooperation between higher education institutions in Italy and institutions in the countries of the southern Mediterranean and the Balkans, primarily through the promotion of mobility experiences and cooperation;
  • Supporting the students in acquiring skills and abilities (such as learning new languages) in order to develop their academic profile and ensure new job opportunities;
  • Aiming at a deeper understanding of the cultures of the Southern Mediterranean and the Balkans, providing participants with the opportunity to create international partnerships, to participate actively in the social life of their country and to the development of a Euro Mediterranean identity;
  • promoting mobility of students from Italy to the Southern shore of the Mediterranean and the Balkans;
  • facilitating and simplifying administration, bureaucratic and organizational management of mobility activities both in the preparatory phases and during the implementation of the project.
Project Acronym
European Commission, Erasmus+, KA1 – International Credit Mobility
Lead Contractor
 UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union, Italy
€ 58.582,00 + € 62.082,00 + € 133.122,00
Project Duration
 From 1/06/2015 to 31/07/2019
Project No



Project website
Contact Person
 Federica De Giorgi, f.degiorgi[AT]uni-med.net