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UNI(di)VERSITY, Socially responsible university for inclusive societies in the era of migration

In a context of increased xenophobia, cultural tensions, and toxic narratives on migrants and migration, much remains to be done for universities to fully embrace a 360-degree approach to the phenomenon of migration, that goes beyond immediate initiatives and builds inclusive Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and societies, taking responsibility for the important societal challenges facing European countries. Such approach includes strategic planning for providing equitable access for migrant and refugee students and staff, and reconsidering teaching and research activities.

UNI(di)VERSITY aims to support European HEIs to uphold their role towards building inclusive societies in the era of migration, with a view to promoting the social inclusion of migrants and refugees. For this purpose, the following objectives will be pursued:

  • Increase knowledge about outstanding and transferable HEIs’ strategies and approaches towards diversity and inclusion in relation to migration;
  • Inspire commitment and support discussion on HEIs’ role as key actors in promoting inclusion and cultural diversity, and addressing related societal challenges;
  • Raise awareness amongst the European academic community concerning the social responsibility of HEIs on inclusion in relation to the phenomenon of migration;
  • Empower HEIs in the development of 360-degree institutional strategies that cover the full range of universities’ activities (research, teaching, administration, “third mission”);
  • Mainstream practices and achievements in a comprehensive framework for action that would support HEIs’ strategic planning in this domain across Europe.

Expected Results

  1. Analytical Atlas of HEIs’ actions and strategies in the field of migration
  2. #uni4diversity awareness campaign
  3. Toolkit for university staff and services
  4. Strategic Framework for socially responsible universities in the era of migration
Project Acronym
Erasmus+, KA2 – Strategic Partnerships
Lead Contractor
 Sapienza University, Italy
Associated Partner
285.446,00 EUR
Project Duration
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2021
Project No
Project website
Contact Person
Cristina Stefanelli, c.stefanelli[AT]uni-med.net

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