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Second edition of the UNIMED Award in Venice

Last year UNIMED has launched a collaboration with the Biennale di Venezia, one of the most important international contemporary art exhibitions, and in particular with the Venice International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious international film festivals worldwide. This was a significant recognition for our association.

Seeing the success of last year’s edition, UNIMED has launched the 2nd edition of the UNIMED award which will be assigned on 7th of September 2018 by a mixed jury composed of selected international students stemming from all cultural backgrounds and thus representing the diversity of our network.

This is an international competition where all the scheduled movies will be vying for the prize. This awards will concur with other already-established awards and the jury will have one week to evaluate the movies and award the prize to the winner.

The winning movie will be the one that most stands for the issues of cultural diversity and integration.  Indeed, the UNIMED award promotes understanding between peoples of different cultures and religious beliefs, fights racism and discrimination, revealing the complex causes of violence and demonstrating the successful mastering of conflicts.