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Study visit of the project UniGOV at the University of Cork, Ireland

67351914_2226871324291554_7514872559477719040_nOn June 10-14, the study visit of the project uniGOV was organized at the University of Cork in Ireland.

Several Palestinian universities, members of the project, attended the initiative. The UCC, represented by a group of experts, presented a variety of presentations on the principles and mechanisms of governance at the university in various fields, including academic governance, graduate education offers, human resources, IT services, professional development of the staff, scientific research and other subjects, trying to convey their experience and expertise to the Palestinian institutions.

Furthermore, on this occasion were organized some visits to the Cork Institute of Technology, to the Library and the UCC skills center.
UniGov aims to develop governance in Palestinian higher education institutions, as it is one of the main challenges within the area.

The next uniGOV visit will be performed at the University of Evora in Portugal in the period from 3rd to 6th September.

For further information on the study visit, please download the agenda here.
For further information on the project, please visit its website here.

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