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Food & Water are two cross-cutting issues of increasing importance in the Mediterranean region. In the context of agricultural production under climate change particular attention is given to the sustainable management of water, the use of innovative methodologies for monitoring and recovering degraded land areas, and the challenge of the integration of bioenergy and agro-industrial sectors in different rural contexts. Food and water are also cross-cutting for rural development, the mitigation of desertification plus socio-economic challenges such as poverty decrease in rural areas.

Thanks to the initiative of the University of Evora, UNIMED has launched a SubNetwork on Food & Water with the purpose of bringing together research centers, university departments, faculties, academics scholars and independent researchers that work in the selected fields, in order to favour scientific cooperation, the exchange of experience and information, the strengthening of existing partnerships and the establishment of new collaborations. The SubNetwork activities will be primarily related to the following disciplines: Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Natural Sciences, Soil Sciences, Hydrology, Geology, Bio-technology, Economics, Geography, Demography, Sociology and Anthropology, Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing, Spatial Planning.

The aim of the SubNetwork is to support the economic and social cohesion in the Euro-Mediterranean region, in order to promote on the one side cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation and, on the other side, local sustainable development.

SubNetwork Objectives

The main objectives of the SubNetwork are:

  • Cooperate with international initiatives, such as the PRIMA Programme, in order to contribute to research and innovation activities and actions in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • Gathering and sharing information and best practices directly from the main actors in the field, and contribute to the creation of a dedicated database;
  • Carrying out studies, analysis and research papers on water management, rural development, sustainable agriculture, and all topics related to Food&Water;
  • Encouraging the dialogue and the mutual exchange between academia and other actors (enterprises, social actors, associations from the civil society, policy makers)  in order to create new partnerships and joint projects;
  • Organizing international events (workshops, seminars, conferences, training events, summer schools, internships, etc) to improve the flow of knowledge between researchers, scholars, practicioners and professionals;
  • Promoting mobility opportunities for students and faculty members, as well as the creation of curricula and courses, to advance education in the field of Food&Water at all levels (Master, PhD, university professors and researchers).
Within the context of partnership between UNIMED and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the SubNetwork collaborates with the FAO Learning Center, which offers free multilingual elearning courses, in a number of thematic areas, as a global public good. The courses cover a number of thematic areas including Nutrition and Food Systems, Climate Change, Food Safety, sustainable management of natural resources. To explore the FAO elearning Center click here: www.fao.org/elearning.


SubNetwork Coordinator

Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development of the University of Evora, Portugal

How to join

Participation to the SubNetwork is limited to UNIMED associated universities. Shall you be interested in joining the SubNetwork, please send a confirmation of interest to unimed@uni-med.net.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact unimed@uni-med.net


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