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* The presentation of the SubNetwork on Mediterranean Tourism is also available in PDF for download.

The tourism sector is amongst the highest income generators in the Mediterranean. Leisure related activities make tourism a leading economic sector in terms of gross value added and employment. Tourism contributes directly to regional economies with sectoral synergies and strong multiplying effects. It is becoming an increasingly fundamental factor for local development and an expanding dimension of research and cooperation of EU and international programming.

Training activities at the university level and Master programs on tourism are increasing, as well as international exchange programs and the dissemination of good practices.

Having the purpose of gathering information and connecting the main actors involved in the topic, the SubNetwork wants to promote synergies, knowledge-exchange and partnerships among the involved Universities, support policy dialogue and strengthen consultation in the Mediterranean, being one of the world tourism hot spots.

The SubNetwork aims to engage university departments, academics, researchers, practitioners, technologists and specialists working in the field.

The main objectives of the SubNetwork are:

  1. Promoting regional and cross-cutting cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean, to create new partnerships and develop joint projects;
  2. Gathering and sharing information, to collaboratively carry out studies, analysis and research papers on the thematic, and to support knowledge-based policy making;
  3. Supporting Universities in the definition of key competences related to Tourism and facilitate training for a new generation of scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs;
  4. Promoting awareness and understanding the importance of Tourism, its sustainability and impact on territories and economies, environment and social life, organising international events (workshops, conferences, webinars, trainings) to improve the flow of knowledge and exchange of experiences;
  5. Mapping current actions to avoid replication and encourage best practices in the field.

Coordinator of the SubNetwork: University of Jordan, Jordan 

Co-coordinator of the SubNetwork: University of Girona, Spain

Participating in this SubNetwork means being actively engaged with its activities, with commitment in the networking, and regular participation. In this frame, the SubNetwork can also be an active player in the dialogue with national and regional authorities, international organizations, the private sector and the general public.

Participation to the SubNetwork is limited to UNIMED associated universities. Shall you be interested in joining the SubNetwork, please send a confirmation of interest to unimed@uni-med.net.