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SubNetwork Mobility & Intercultural Dialogue



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* The presentation of the SubNetwork Mobility and Intercultural Dialogue is also available in PDF for download.


The objective of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Mobility and Intercultural dialogue, to be launched as part of the DIRE-MED project (www.diremedproject.eu), a European Union project funded under the Erasmus + Capacity Building program, is to promote academic cooperation between members on the theme of mobility and exchange of people to support and develop intercultural dialogue. DIRE-MED involves partners from Algeria, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia but the SubNetwork has a regional dimension and is open to all UNIMED country members.

The SubNetwork will act through the development of initiatives, sharing information through ongoing projects and partnerships already undertaken or in the process of definition, among university departments, research centres, NGOs, civil society organizations, International organizations.

To better respond to the challenges faced by the Mediterranean region, in particular the southern Mediterranean countries, all the actors concerned are called to mobilise and make the most of the policies implemented at all levels.

The SubNetwork is therefore aimed at strengthening Euro-Mediterranean relations to create and support a Mediterranean Generation by promoting cross-border, transnational and inter-regional mobility in favour of a sustainable local and regional development.

The specific objectives of the SubNetwork are:

  • Gathering and sharing information directly with the main stakeholders in the sector, throughout the Mediterranean region and contribute to the creation of an academic community interested in cooperating in the framework of Mobility and Intercultural Dialogue;
  • Conducting studies, analysis and write research papers on the above-mentioned theme of mobility and intercultural dialogue, and insuring the innovation’s development;
  • Encouraging dialogue to create new partnerships and to develop joint projects to spread mobility and intercultural dialogue opportunities;
  • Organizing international events (workshops, seminars and conferences, webinars, summer schools, training activities for students, researchers, International Relations Departments) to improve the flow of knowledge and encourage mutual understanding
  • Promoting the exchange of students, professors and administrative staff thanks to the various opportunities offered by International institutions;
  • Sharing initiatives for strengthening university/society dialogue and cooperation, including for instance civil society organizations and enterprises. In this case, it will be made in cooperation with UNIMED subnetwork on Employability;
  • Improving the South-South mobility Scheme to integrate as much as possible the Higher Educations Systems of Partner Countries;
  • Exploring the Virtual Exchange opportunities as a tool to favour the physical mobility and to encourage the intercultural dialogue.

SubNetwork Coordinator

The SubNetwork will be coordinated by UNIMED with the support of DIRE-MED partners.

How to join

Participating in this SubNetwork means actively engaging in its activities, with the commitment to regularly participate in networking activities and events.

Participation to the SubNetwork is limited to UNIMED associated universities and DIRE-MED partners.  Shall you be interested in joining the SubNetwork, please send a confirmation of interest to unimed@uni-med.net.