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SubNetwork on BlueMed


* The presentation of the SubNetwork BlueMed is also available in PDF for download.

BLUEMED is the research and innovation Initiative for promoting the blue economy in the Mediterranean Basin through cooperation. It is the strategy of reference for the Mediterranean countries to work together for a healthy, safe and productive Mediterranean Sea. The initiative aims to contribute to the well-being of the region, in terms of ‘blue’ jobs creation, social and sustainable growth, environmental status, development of the marine and maritime sectors and so on, through the implementation of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the BLUEMED SRIA.

Based on this Initiative and sharing its goal, UNIMED proposes the creation of the UNIMED SubNetwork on BlueMed, with the aim of actively contributing to the implementation of the BLUEMED SRIA for the themes concerned and supporting the dialogue of the UNIMED associated universities with each other and with local, national and regional stakeholders, to move forward in the development of the Mediterranean Sea cooperation. The SubNetwork wants to promote synergies, knowledge-exchange and partnerships among the involved Universities, support policy dialogue and strengthen consultation, sharing the goals of the Venice Declaration on Mediterranean Sea Cooperation on developing innovative sea-related competences and prioritizing actions with high societal impact, and acting as a follow-up initiative of the high-level conference held in Malta on April 2017 and the Valletta Declaration on Strengthening Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation through Research and Innovation, which highlights the importance of encouraging a coordinated approach in the Mediterranean region.

The four interconnected themes of the SubNetwork on BlueMed will be:

  • Knowledge of sea dynamics and ecosystems, multidisciplinary research and development of innovative sea-related competences
  • Blue Growth Economy
  • Innovative marine-based Technology
  • Policy dialogue and knowledge-based policies

The SubNetwork aims to engage university departments, academics, researchers, practitioners, technologists and specialists working in the above fields. The main objectives of the SubNetwork are:

  1. Promoting regional and cross-cutting cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean, to create new partnerships and develop joint projects;
  2. Gathering and sharing information, to collaboratively carry out studies, analysis and research papers on the issues above, and to support knowledge-based policy making;
  3. Supporting Universities in the definition of key competences related to the Blue Economy and innovative Blue Technologies, and facilitate training for a new generation of scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs;
  4. Promoting awareness and understanding around the importance of sustainable Blue Med actions, organising international events (workshops, conferences, webinars, trainings) to improve the flow of knowledge and exchanging experiences between researchers and scholars;
  5. Mapping current actions to avoid replication and encourage best practices in fields such as: cleaning the Mediterranean Sea and preserve its ecosystem, adaptation to climate change, protection of coastal areas, ecosystem-based management of aquaculture and fisheries, sustainable tourism, effective maritime spatial planning, observing systems and oceanography, marine and coastal cultural heritage, innovative business and new technologies.

Participating in this SubNetwork means being actively engaged with its activities, with commitment in the networking, and regular participation. The SubNetwork wants to be a dynamic working group, allowing for different types of action, benefitting from a wide geographic coverage, building upon universities’ expertise. It this frame, the SubNetwork can also be an active player in the dialogue with national and regional authorities, international organizations, the private sector and the general public.

In the starting phase, the SubNetwork will be managed primarily by the UNIMED office and staff in Rome.


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For further information, please contact:  unimed@uni-med.net