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SubNetwork on Renewable Energy and Environment

Energy cooperation between the European Union and the Mediterranean partner countries has been developed in the framework of the Barcelona Process with the aim of creating a fully integrated and interconnected Euromed energy market. The expansion and deployment of renewable energy is currently a key element in the cooperation between the EU and the Mediterranean countries.

The Ministerial Conference in December 2007 confirmed the focus of the Euromed energy cooperation on promotion of sustainable development in the energy sector through increased use of renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency and savings. This focus is reinforced in the activities of the Union for the Mediterranean, mainly through its flagship initiative – the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP) - endorsed at the Summit of 13 July 2008, with the objective of creating 20 GW of new generation capacity in solar and other renewable energy sources around the Mediterranean Sea by 2020.

UNIMED is involved in several activities that aim at the development of renewable energy in the Euro-Mediterranean region, including some in the framework of the MSP. The SubNetwork on Renewable Energy and Environment has thus the purpose of creating a group of research centers, university departments, academics and researches in the domains related to this sector.

For further information and to join the SubNetwork, please write to: unimed@uni-med.net .