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The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project has been extended for 2019

(Rome, 29 January 2019) In its first year of pilot activities, the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project has engaged more than 8.000 participants, working with 117 institutions, supporting 15 transnational projects, and strengthening its community of facilitators that now counts with more than 250 skilled Virtual Exchange professionals. And, very important, it has had an impact on the lives and careers of its participants: 91% of participants agreed that the project activities had a positive impact on their ability to work in a culturally diverse place, and 78% stated that the project helped them improving their digital competences. More information on the project impact can be found at https://europa.eu/youth/erasmusvirtual.
Thanks to this positive impact, the project has been extended for another pilot year during 2019, during which universities will be able to collaborate with the project in order to facilitate the participation of their students in the different Virtual Exchange activities that the project is offering.
UNIMED, as a member of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange consortium, will continue to engage and support its member universities to make sure that they can take the most out of the project opportunities, helping their students to gain important skills such as confidence in working in an online and intercultural environment, empathy, curiosity and understanding of others’ perspectives.
For more information on how to participate, please contact erasmusvirtual@uni-med.net.

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