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UNIMED launched a new SubNetwork on Journalism

(Rome, 23 July 2019) UNIMED has recently launched its new SubNetwork on Journalism, gathering university departments, researchers and experts from both shores of the Mediterranean in order to share and exchange knowledge on journalism related topics.

The general purpose is to bring students, faculties and staff of UNIMED associated universities to share values and culture of journalism across the Mediterranean area.

Through its action the SubNetwork aims to encourage dialogue and collaboration towards a shared strategy of promotion and support of journalism with the aim to enrich journalism studies, to endorse collaboration and research opportunities, to enhance capacity building processes related to journalism issues as well as to explore new curricula in universities.

To learn more about the main objectives of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Journalism have a look at this document.

If you are interested in joining the SubNetwork, please fill out this online form and do not forget to indicate the contact person at your university for the activities of this SubNetwork.

We look forward to welcoming you in the UNIMED SubNetwork on Journalism!

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