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The NEXUS MOOC presented and discussed at the Open Education Week

On the 4th of March, UNIMED and UNED, in collaboration with the European Distance and elearning Network (EDEN), have organized a webinar to present the upcoming MOOC on active digital citizenship by the NEXUS project. The rationale of developing such a MOOC is that, due to recent influx of migrants into Europe, a majority of European universities have a student population who are excluded from broader civic or political participation.

During the webinar, which was part of the Open Education Week, the MOOC design strategy was presented. In a way that is different from the typical MOOCs, that are designed and developed by a single professor as a “translation” of face-to-face teaching practices in to a massive online experience, the NEXUS MOOC was conceived, designed, developed and reviewed in a fully collaborative fashion among six organizations from different countries. This experience, that was both extremely enriching for the participating groups and contributed to the coexistence of different perspectives within the MOOC, while being probably less effective from a production point of view. The underlying question of the webinar was: can a break-even point between international co-production and effectiveness be found within MOOCs?

The webinar attracted more than 100 participants, and is available in a recorded version here: http://www.eden-online.org/eden_conference/insights-from-an-internationally-co-developed-mooc-on-digital-citizenship/