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The second edition of “Mediterraneo al Cinema” has started!

Mediterraneo al Cinema (2nd edition) is a cycle of lectures focused on the History of the Mediterranean. The upcoming initiative will address a variety of current and wide-ranging issues ranging from migrations to the recent attacks in Europe, and to civil rights in Islamic societies in order to try to satisfy some of the several curiosities of the public related to this troubled region which is the Mediterranean.

The meetings are aimed at a broad audience and not at specialists, and they have as their focus the Mediterranean, highlighting the critical issues of the area.

The initiative is sponsored by UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union, in collaboration with Cinema Farnese, the publishing house Castelvecchi, the bookshop Fahrenheit 451, and under the patronage of Agiscuola.

The lectures will take place in Rome at Cinema Farnese and the meetings, always on Sunday, will be on a monthly basis from November 12th 2017 to March 18th 2018.

The events are free but subject to availability.

Please click here to download the programme (available only in Italian).