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Tunisian Universities gather in March in Tunis to talk about quality assurance and systems of quality management

Within the framework of the SAGESSE project “Improving governance in the Higher Education system in Tunisia: towards university autonomy and new quality assurance mechanisms”, a workshop on the quality manual of higher education institutions, takes place in Tunis from 4 to 6 March 2020, organised by the University of Tunis El Manar with the collaboration of the University of Sapienza in Rome.
The workshop entitled “Quality assurance standards and definition of a quality manual in higher education” aims to address several themes concerning quality assurance from quality control to the quality management system.
The workshop will be led by two experts external to the consortium, Mr. Stéphane Colonne from Aix Marseille University, expert in quality and quality management, as well as Ms. Sarra Gharbi, certified auditor of management systems and evaluator within the organization of Tunisian accreditation – TUNAC.
The two experts will lead the first two days of the workshop on March 4 and 5 through the organization of exercises and practical studies.
Three working groups will be organised during the workshop: the first one to define the processes and the quality management system common to all universities in the form of cartography with identification of strategic processes, the second to establish the manual of procedures in Tunisian universities and a third one to establish the quality manual in Tunisian universities.
The other European consortium partners such as Sapienza and Siena Universities will also present their Quality Assurance model as case studies and as sources of inspiration for their Tunisian peers.
The final objective of these two days is twofold, on the one hand sharing and upgrading of all 13 participating Tunisian universities concerning the field of quality assurance and quality management, passing through the comparison between African ASG standards and European ESG and the international standard ISO 21001, and on the other hand, the validation on the model of quality manual and manual of procedures by all Tunisian universities, which are priorities for the improvement of the Tunisian university system and for establishing a framework for good governance.
Finally the third day aims at the presentation of action plans of 3 Tunisian universities (UTM, Monastir and Gabès) in order to find the main common axes (harmonization of action plans) to launch the work of implementation of the action plans, crucial for the development of the “projet d’établissements” by Tunisian universities.
The Tunisian Ministry of HE will be represented by the directorate of higher education, the directorate of programs and qualification, the directorate of equivalences and private higher education as well as by the coordinating team of the program Promesse PAQ- DGSE.