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UNIBA launches the Masters in Arabic, Islam and globalization

UNIMED is pleased to inform you that the University of Bari Aldo Moro organizes the Master’s Degree in “Arabic Language, Islam and Globalization: Geopolitics, Religion, Economy and Society” at the Department of Arts and Humanities Italian Languages Comparative cultures.

It is an annual course that, through different focuses – in the historical, political, social, juridical-economic and modern intellectual contexts, provides trainees with a well-rounded educational dimension of Arab culture and language. The goal is to train experts able to use the Arabic language in the activities that more and more often call the operators of the different sectors of everyday life to be ready, in terms of interaction and integration, in comparison with the dynamics that the Arab and Islamic presence entails in contemporary society.

The master is coordinated by Professors Carlo Alberto Anzuini, Laura Sabrina Martucci and Zouhir Louassini.

Over 20 university professors, orientalists, islamologists, semitists, sociologists, ecclesiastics and experts in geopolitics and journalism will alternate with teaching. The master is aimed at recent graduates in languages, diplomats, embassy officials and chambers of commerce, as well as journalists, operators of the armed forces, police and reception centers, sociologists, historians, lawyers and accountants, consultants of credit and financial institutions, managers of multinational groups, experts in international politics and defensive strategies and national security.

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