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UNIMED Executive Director visits ISESCO

Dr Marcello Scalisi, UNIMED Executive Director, made a visit to the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) where he was received by Dr Amina Al-Hajri, ISESCO Deputy Director General.

DuringPicture meeting ISESCO this meeting, the two sides explored prospects of cooperation between ISESCO and UNIMED in areas of common interest, particularly academic and student exchange. A memorandum of understanding was also signed concerning the accession of ISESCO to the Med-Mobil Network.

The meeting was attended by Mr Ahmed Bein Adam, Head of the Secretariat of the ISESCO-affiliated Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW); Dr Faiq Billal, Science Director; Dr Ahmed Said Ould Bah, Director of External Relations and Cooperation; and Dr Maha Merezak, Programme Specialist at the Science Directorate.