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Critical infrastructures characterize different social, industrial and productive sectors: agriculture and food, banking and finance, chemical plants, commercial installations, telecommunication systems, industrial and manufacturing plants, dams and water projects, public emergency services, energy facilities, government installations, health systems, infrastructures for information technologies, monuments and cultural heritage of national interest, nuclear reactors and related facilities, postal systems and shipping, roads, railways, airports, marine transport systems, water distribution systems. The theme of the Security Critical Infrastructure has been the subject of major European Directive 114/08/EC, which provides for the need for an Operator Security Plan. Research in the field of Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures is characterized by a high level of interdisciplinarity, covering not only purely technical aspects, but also issues of great social and economic importance, such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Management of Accidents, Insurances, Compliance, Audit, Procurement Policy and Decision Making. Moreover, the subject is of particular relevance in view of issues related to climate change, terrorist threats and global health.

The issue of Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures is increasingly taking a crucial importance for local developments, including its relation to social and environmental issues. The sector is also gaining importance in research and cooperation in international and community programming, and there is a need for a growth of international exchanges in the field and the circulation of good practices.

UNIMED has initiated long-standing activities of analysis in this area, which involves several scientific field. For this reason, UNIMED is willing to launch a dedicated Subnetwork on Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures with the aim of collecting information and gather the key players involved in training and research on Critical Infrastructures in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

SubNetwork Objectives

Collecting information directly from the actors in the sector in the Mediterranean area and contributing to the creation of a dedicated database;

– Carrying out studies, analysis and research on issues related to Critical Infrastructures, with particular reference to the issues indicated by the European calls such as Horizon 2020, ERASMUS+;

Facilitating and encouraging dialogue and mutual exchange of information, in order to create new collaborations, partnerships and develop joint projects;

Organizing international events (workshops, seminars, conferences, performances) to encourage better circulation of knowledge and exchange of experiences among researchers and scholars;

Promoting the mobility of students and professors at the master and doctoral degrees from universities, including through the development of joint curricula, courses and seminars for teachers and students.

The scientific and cultural topics of major interest are: Training of qualified personnel and tutorials organization, cooperation and coordination, analysis of the risks and potential damage, implementation of guidelines and technical regulations, Security by design, Resilience by Design, Implementation of technologies, Human factor, Natural Events, Terrorism, Cyber Attacks, Failures.


SubNetwork Coordinators

University of Salento, Scientific Coordination

Contact persons: Antonio Ficarella, antonio.ficarella@unisalento.it; Antonella Longo, antonella.longo@unisalento.it

University of Jordan, Scientific Co-Coordinator

Contact persons: Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, salaymeh@ju.edu.jo; Reham Dannoun, R.Dannoun@ju.edu.jo

UNIMED, Operational coordination of the SubNetwork

Contact person: Martina Zipoli, m.zipoli@uni-med.net


How to Join

Participating in this SubNetwork means actively engaging in its activities, with commitment to networking and regular participation to events.

To join the SubNetwrok, for further information and to contribute to the activities, please contact us at unimed@uni-med.net.


* The presentation of the SubNetwork Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures is also available in PDF for download.

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