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UNIMED Study Center “Franco Rizzi”


UNIMED Study Center “Franco Rizzi”

“Mediterranean is our destiny”

An independent non-governmental global network of university research centres from all over the Mediterranean region: this is the UNIMED Study Center “Franco Rizzi”.

Founded in 2015 by prof. Franco Rizzi, former Secretary General and Founder of UNIMED- Mediterranean Universities Union, the mission of the UNIMED Study Center is to promote shared research in the Mediterranean by relying on its unique network of Mediterranean-based Higher Education Institutions and on its strong connection with UNIMED Sub-Networks.

Following the vision of its founder, the UNIMED Study Center supports UNIMED accomplishments and provides relevant insights to back decision-makers and civil society activities, with a particular focus on fostering Social Sciences and Humanities cooperation.

The research lines identified for 2018-2020 are:

Migration, Higher Education in Crisis Contexts, Governance, Climate Change, Forced Displacement, Terrorism and Radicalization.

Therefore, in order to reach its objectives, the UNIMED Study Center “Franco Rizzi” is active on three different levels:

  • Local: By organizing seminars, conferences and events for the benefits of local communities around the Mediterranean and through newspapers publications;
  • National: By providing research-based paper and/or recommendations to influencing or support national stakeholders;
  • International: By providing research-based paper and/or recommendations to international actors in order to positively influence their strategies.

All its activities rely on the unique support of UNIMED University members and research contents are provided by professors, researches and experts from the network in order to offer different perspectives.

Fostering common academic cooperation and bringing academic results to the attention of the society at large are the main tools for contributing to building a more peaceful region.