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Youth Forum Contest 2020_Apply by October 11, 2020

MED Mediterranean Dialogues 2020, which is now at its 6th edition, is proud to announce a second edition of the “Youth Forum Contest – Ideas and Projects at Work”.

The purpose of the contest is to give a selected number of young Mediterranean people the chance to present innovative ideas and projects to a high-level audience in order to promote their work and enhance their visibility. Participants will have a unique opportunity to present projects that could facilitate dialogue and foster development and cooperation in the broader Mediterranean region.

With this in mind, this year’s Youth Forum Contest will promote young leaders who will be able to elaborate creative responses to the current pandemic crisis in the MENA region and on supporting post-pandemic recovery in the areas of Culture and Education, Civil society, Health, Food and Water Security, Employment and Business, and Urban Innovation.

Who can apply?

High-potential candidates aged under 35, from North Africa and the Middle East may apply to enter the contest. Find here more information about the countries and potential candidates from Mediterranean Europe.

Deadline to apply October 11, 2020.

How to apply

For further information you can contact the ISPI-MED secretariat at med@ispionline.it