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Biography of the Author 

zinonasZinonas Sokratous studied at the University of Cyprus, from which he graduated with an Honours BA degree in History and Archaeology. He continued his studies in Master level in Mediterranean Archaeology with specialization in Maritime Archaeology at the same University. He is currently a phd student at the University of Cyprus and his dissertation is entitled “Excavating the History of the Cypriot Archaeology”. He has been awarded twice with scholarships from the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation for postgraduate studies focused on the island of Cyprus. He is participating in archaeological excavations of the University of Cyprus at Kouklia – Palaipaphos since 2013 (“The Palaepaphos Urban Landscape Project”). Apart from his academic studies, he is involved and interested in political and diplomatic issues. He is an active member in several youth NGOs, including Cyprus Youth DiplomaCY. His main interests include Cypriot and Mediterranean history and archaeology, the history of Cypriot archaeology, politics and European issues.

Articles of the Author

Tourists’ Experiences vs. Local Communities Designing Sustainable Tourism Policies

Articles written by Zinonas Sokratous as a participant to the Summer School organized by Nnumari, FMSH and UNIMED in Licata (Italy) in September 2019. The support of UNIMED, FMSH and Nnumari for the production of these publications does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views of the authors only, and they cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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