November 25, 2019

A webinar on how to use Tonatiuh Software? Now available.



In the framework of ENBRAIN project, the University of Evora produced a webinar as part of “Concentrated Solar Power Systems” course with the goal of explaining in more detail the main features of the ray-tracing software Tonatiuh. Tonatiuh is a freeware Monte Carlo ray tracer for the optical simulation of solar concentrating systems, a crucial tool nowadays to predict the optical performance of these systems. During the webinar the students will learn how to:

– Implement an optical concentrator on Tonatiuh;

– Set all the relevant data (material properties, solar profile, number of rays, etc.);

– Ray-tracing for different incidence angles;

– Data treatment of Tonatiuh’s outputs;

– Calculate the major optical parameters such as optical efficiency, acceptance-angle, Concentration-Acceptance Product (CAP), etc.

The webinar was performed by Diogo Canavarro of University of Évora (partner of the project) and the session has been also be recorded for its further dissemination to both ENBRAIN partners and other Libyan HEIs.

Please find here the link to the webinar. 

Enjoy it and feel free to share it with other colleagues!